Insolvency.Careers - "Liquidating Your Future!"

"When I first embarked on my career in Insolvency, too many years ago to mention, there was no internet and only one book "Sales the Law Relating to Bankruptcy" to refer to.  We learned everything "on the job" so to speak!

Even today, despite massive technological advances, there are no other websites that actually set out what it takes to embark on a career in insolvency, what skill set you need, how to go about it and the best ways to move your career along once you are on the road.

This site is my legacy to my fellow professionals and our successors.  I have tried to include most aspects that you should think about while developing your career but insolvency is constantly changing and there is no such thing as a typical insolvency case or indeed a typical day!

I've tried to make this as relevant to those of you who are part way through your career as well as those just starting out.  So do read the whole site as you will find helpful hints as you reach various crossroads.   

To help you, I have tried to set out what is insolvency exactly, why choose insolvency, who chooses insolvency as a career and how to go about developing your career.   I have added my own comments in certain areas to help guide you.  I have also added some other "stuff" along the way that may point you in the right direction!

Whatever you do, have fun!  There will be good times and not so good .  Some long hours all as varied as the day is long but if you have a strong character, prepared to work hard in quite difficult and trying situations you won't regret it.  Work hard and play hard was always the unofficial insolvency moto!  Enjoy your journey!"  

Geoff Gee (Founder - Insolvency.Careers)