We also offer career appraisal and performance improvement services to insolvency practices.

Career Appraisal

Staff in any profession often reach a point where they would benefit from input from an independent third party to reassess their personal career ambitions.  An individuals hopes and aspirations may not be being achieved or an employer may have concerns that an individual is under-performing.  

Employers can often identify problems that would benefit from involvement of a third party. 

It can sometimes be quite difficult to manage a process that achieves the best results for both individual and employer.  There can be a lot of dancing around the subject ("the elephant in the room") with both parties fearful of facing up to where things aren't going to plan.

This is where insolvency.careers come in as a truly independent party, but who has considerable knowledge of the profession.  We can address the issues and find out the root causes of tensions between employer and staff member.   We can try and establish a solution that suits both parties.

If you have an issue that you feel we could help resolve, contact us and we will arrange to discuss your concerns.

Think about this!

"Resolving difficulties and retaining good staff is far cheaper than losing a key member of staff and recruiting a replacement!, who you might then have to train!"